Stand Up Paddling or paddle-boarding has been probably the fastest growing sports in the world in the last few years and is a very versatile water activity. It is an easy, low impact, full body exercise and great fun, you can enjoy it on any bodies of water, ranging from lakes, to white water and oceans. Today there are countless brands and types of SUP boards, paddles and accessories, there are numerous ways to practise paddling from family party to fitness up to surfing big waves or jump waterfalls, you should definitely try it, but be warned, it's addictive.
I've started with a beautiful 10" Sub Vector from C4 Waterman, which came directly from Hawaii, a great surfing board that i unfortunately bruised up a little in the rapids of the St-Laurent river.   Since then i have favored the inflatable boards as they fit my lifestyle better, more resistant, easy  to transport (come in a bag) light and stable, they are perfectly designed for whitewater. We don't live near an ocean unfortunately so we mainly paddle along the rivers and surf standing waves.
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Rivière-Rouge, QC with an NRS Czar 6. Summer 2013
Rivière St-Charles, QC with the Starboard Astro Stream. Fall 2014

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