| Paques & hike...

Bonnes fêtes de Pâques!!! Nous avons profite d'une superbe journee de printemps (environ 16°C) pour se faire une randonnee au Mont St-Hilaire, ca faisait plusieurs annees que je n'y avais pas mis les pieds et ca valait le coup. Il restait encore un peu de neige en sous-bois sur les chemins, ce qui rendait la promenade encore plus plaisante. Nous avons pris le chemin Rocky Rouge qui contourne le lac Hertel, encore gele.
On a eu le plaisir de voir les habituels tamias (p'tit suisses) et ecureuils peu farouches chercher de la nourriture, ainsi que des bernaches (outardes) se prelasser sur le lac, au soleil. Les castors du coin ont fait un travail incroyable et c'est dommage que nous n'ayons pas eu l'occase de les apercevoir. 

| Off the Beaten Path...

Today we've organized the official Premiere Quebecoise of the film Off the Beaten Path by First Track Productions, an excellent video of Fatbiking! A few members of our ever-growing community - Sons of Fatty - came for some drinks and good time :)
A big thank at the sponsors and organizers of the event, it was a success and it really makes you want to go out and bike anywhere, everywhere!
Until next time... #fatbike #OffTheBeatenPath 
Enjoy the trailer and if you've never tried fatbiking, please give it a try you won't regret, trust me.

| SXSW & Expedition Art...

Tiiiired... after spending the whole week in Austin, TX for the SXSW convention. I had an amazing time with my old Texan friends :) I always feel sad when leaving that city and can not wait to go back soon.
Square-Enix graciously sent me there to pick up some potential gaming Awards as we, once again, were nominated for Best Mobile Game of the Year with Lara Croft GO, and also became the last-minute representative of Crystal Dynamics for ROTTR
The city was overwhelmed by the show and most roads were paralysed but we booked a nice little Airbnb apartment near the University of Texas and it wasn't too bad to reach the Convention Center during the week.