| Astroboy #2...

Just coming back from Vermont again where i spent a quiet afternoon alone in Burlington, this little town is soon becoming my favorite city south of the border. On the way i stopped at my Kinek point in Champlain and grabbed this package from CKS... oOoo yeah check this out it's the new Starboard Astro Stream!
The weather was perfect today and it finally felt like spring, great for a fast photoshoot session near the lake. I'm selling the previous Astro model to Sybro so we can start the season asap. Then, i went to go check the Winooski falls where i remembered seeing a cool spot last time (scouting for this summer already).
Unfortunately this area is a NO-GO, there are private property signs everywhere near the mill and it's such a shame, it looks like an amazing natural waterpark, what an incredible spot with so many short drops and shallow rapids, can't wait to come back this summer and see if the rules are enforced or not :)
Our new habit is to stop by Beverage Warehouse and pick up some local drinks if possible, this time i only brought 2 hard cider bottles knowing that you don't pay taxes for them. 2 delicious house tacos later and some good cider, it was time to drive home and get some well deserved rest!
Our House Bistro comfort food...

| Rouleaux de Printemps...

Les parents de Nhu ont prepare un magnifique repas traditionnel du sud du Vietnam, quel regal vraiment. On a meme experimente en ajoutant des feuilles d'algues dans les rouleaux! Trop bon, Merci les cuistots :)
bouffe sante et delicieuse!

| 1st aid training...

Je viens de finir une formation de 8h de Secourisme d'urgence et RCR (First aid & CPR) avec Educasoins, pffff ce fut fatiguant mais ca valait le coup de se rafraichir un peu la memoire. Il fait encore bien froid chez nous avec -25 ce matin, l'hiver ne veut pas nous lacher! Prochain cours a venir, ce sera pour fin Avril dans le but de devenir instructeur de SUP niveau I  :)
             ` \ | |/ '
          |  |\ `' ' /
          |  ;'aorta \      / , pulmonary
          | ;    _,   |    / / ,  arteries
 superior | |   (  `-.;_,-' '-' , vena cava
          | `,   `-._       _,-'_
          |,-`.    `.)    ,<_,-'_, pulmonary
         ,'    `.   /   ,'  `;-' _,  veins
        ;        `./   /`,    \-'
        | right   /   |  ;\   |\
        | atrium ;_,._|_,  `, ' \
        |        \    \ `       `,
        `      __ `    \   left  ;,
         \   ,'  `      \,  ventricle dude!
          \_(            ;,      ;;
          |  \           `;,     ;;
 inferior |  |`.          `;;,   ;' vena cavabunga~~~
          |  |  `-.        ;;;;,;'
          |  |    |`-.._  ,;; ;;'
          |  |    |   | ``';;;'
Et sinon Banh Mi vient de se faire operer, elle est un peu groggy par les medocs mais c'en est fini de ses interminables periodes de chaleurs et de ses cris/frottements incessants a 4h du matin!!! Elle se porte bien malgre une belle entaille abdominale et de vilaines agrafes, dans 10 jours cela ne sera qu'un lointain souvenir.

| SUP surf...

After searching for a long time about inflatable SUP surfboards i finally found one; the Paddlestroke G-Rocker. I wanted something easy to pack to bring on camping trips, hence the inflatable choice, they also are more resistant than hard boards, less prone to dings and scratches and fun enough for a bad surfer like me. The size is going to be practical for our local waves and should have enough flotation to be stable under my weight.
Its measurements are > 7'2" long x 33.5" width and 5" thick. It costs around US$ 895.00 and it seems perfectly fit for beginner up to advanced river surfers.
valve bump visible under the nose...
I was first interested by the Badfish IRS or Cobra 6.6 but it was too difficult to get some answers from them or even Boardworks, on the contrary Greg at Paddlestroke SUP was very reactive and quite stoked to send its 1st board to Canada. Cool energy and it was very pleasing to deal with him. Now that the weather is finally getting warmer i'll soon go try it out, soOo excited *_*