| Riviere St-Charles, Trip #01

Not long ago we went to the whitewater park on the St-Charles river in Valleyfield. It's a surprising place, stucked between 2 old factory/brick buildings with a post-apocalyptic and peaceful atmosphere. The water comes from the lake above and is really well regulated, it is maintained by a local kayak organization that i encourage to support > the CEEVV. The place is beautiful, it feels very intimate and has safe crystal clear waters, despite being small it has a lot of gates, strong streams and challenging obstacles, enough for us SUP-WW noobs. Here is a little edit of that last session, watch it in HD, enjoy!
J'ai trop hate d'y retourner l'ete prochain, surtout dans les zones plus difficiles :) c'etait egalement l'occasion de publier cette video pour l'ouverture de la page Facebook SUPWWQC/SUPEVQC dont le but est de rassembler/partager toutes les informations possibles a propos de la planche-a-pagaie en eaux-vives au Quebec.