| Expedition interior...

What a nice day for some shots of our van's cosy interior, as you can see it's well equipped and has most of the amenities found in the larger motorhomes, there is a porta potty in place of an enclosed bathroom and no "proper" shower per say, however you could use the sink faucet and extend it to the entrance doors and voila, quite an ingenious shower but mostly possible on warm days.
I read that the majority of RVers end up taking showers outside anyway, because it isn't really fun to stay in those super tiny quarters and it makes you realize how much space is wasted within an already confined environment. The New-West experience shows and they have done a great job of designing efficient and comfortable floor-plans, but i have some ideas on how to improve some little things here and there.

The license plate is now mounted and this little thing can cost a lot, thanks SAAQ je m'en souviendrai! We've finally started to bring stuffs inside so it feels more like home; plates and glasses, cutlery, camping gears, rum...etc.

| 11.11.13 New-West...

Yipeeee here it is, my amazing little house-on-wheels, a New-West Expedition 2013. We left Montreal very early this morning to go pick it up at the factory in St-Nicolas near Quebec city and we were very excited.

After almost 3 years of passionate research we finally found our RV and here is our bad-ass van based on a Chevy Express 1500 AWD!

Now unfortunately i got sick on the way back probably because of all the junk food ingested during the trip, there was a lot of snow at the beginning and then pouring rain towards Montreal, so we had to drive carefully along the scenic route 132-O.

i definitely can't go to the MIGS party tonight where i was supposed to go help Anthony and his crew from Syn Studio to do some live speedpaintings... all apologies guys and have fun!